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Nasdaq 100 Futures - M-Square Peak
Nasdaq 100 Futures - M-Square Peak
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Here’s what our program offers

– Live Webinar: Join our live M-Squares™ Core Training Webinar, conducted several times a month, where you’ll gain mastery over our system. Get the course manuals, rules, and checklists with countless examples to guide you in multiple time frames. Learn the ins and outs, strategies, and techniques to maximize your trading potential. Get the list of resources to improve your trading knowledge.

 Live Trading Experience: Once you are signed up for the training webinar, you will Immerse yourself in the trading world and fast-track your results with our monthly support, which includes access to the live Founder’s Trading Room frequently hosted by M-Squares™ creator A.F. Thornton.

Summer pricing

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If you decide to wait, please be aware that our program is priced for early adopters this summer and will increase for new subscribers on September 1, 2023.*

* Note: This is not a marketing ploy.  We are committed to maintaining our programs’ exclusivity, secrecy, and value to a select group of subscribers. As part of this commitment, all subscribers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and we have decided to implement a predetermined subscription cap. This ensures that our special community receives the utmost attention and preserves our collective trading edge. We highly value our early adopters and deeply appreciate their trust and support.

What’s included in your subscription

– Lifetime Access; Attend the next M-Squares™ Core Training Webinar and any future ones as many times as you want at no additional cost, ensuring you stay ahead of the game. Additionally, enjoy exclusive discounts on future independent educational webinars and destination masterminds.

– Live Trading Signals: Receive real-time trading signals via text message for intraday and daily trading strategies.

– Founder’s Room Access and Community: Join the exclusive Founder’s Live Trading Room, where renowned expert A.F. Thornton shares live chart updates, posts timely messages (also sent to you by live text), and conducts weekly demonstrations of day trades on the microphone. Engage in live trading sessions with fellow Founder’s Group members and special guests.

 Access from your Mobile Device: The Founders Room and all live charts are accessible from any mobile device through our app or your mobile device browser.

Why Choose the M-Squares™ Trading System

Our highly disciplined and rules-based service provides the ultimate trading solution, guiding you on what actions to take and when. Safeguard your 401(k) or IRA investment accounts by avoiding bear markets. Follow the signals from afar – even without engaging as a trader. Achieve financial success simply by executing the Daily Swing Strategy signals with your broker by the market close of that day. Alternatively, immerse yourself in shorter time frames by trading alongside us in the room.

Unlock Your Master Trader Within

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to be personally mentored by Mr. Thornton, drawing on his extensive 36 years of experience. Become a master trader yourself and unlock your true potential. Sign onto the waiting list now for a one-time cost of $9,997.00. Please note that Mr. Thornton only takes a few students each month. Under the mentorship, traders must maintain their monthly subscription for a year.

Private Coaching

Mr. Thornton offers limited, on-call private coaching services for those seeking tailored advice. The price is $500 per hour.

Email us if you are interested in Private Coaching or a Mentorship Program.

Take advantage of the Million Dollar Square Trading System™ today and experience its exceptional power and accuracy in your trading endeavors.