The Million Dollar Squares Trading System™

S&P 500 Futures M-Square Trading System
S&P 500 Futures M-Square Trading System

Introducing the Million Dollar Squares Trading System™

– Based on the Price/Time Quadrivium: Developed on the foundation of the space (price) / time quadrivium, M-Squares™ forecast price targets and turns in any time frame on any financial instrument with ample trading volume.  The algorithms use fourth dimensional geometry, cycles of repetion, and recursive math sequences to create your trading grid. 

Incorporates the Time-Tested Work of the Masters: The system draws from the works of renowned master traders and historical contributors to quantum science. These contributors include Archimedes, Bayer, Brown, Cowan, Einstein, Gann, Gurdjieff, Hall, Heindel, Jennings, Jenkins, Makula, Plato, Pythagoras, Weston, Wilder, and others.

A Powerful One-of-a-Kind Trading System: M-Squares™ is our exceptional (and only) public product designed for moderately experienced, but serious traders. The system has a proven track record, earning our founders millions of dollars in their trading.

— Unparalleled Accuracy: With an impressive 85% trade accuracy, M-Squares™ is an incredibly reliable trading system. The system’s consistent performance is a testament to its effectiveness.

— Incorporates W.D. Gann’s Law of Vibration: The code cipher to W.D. Gann’s “Tunnel through the Air” has alluded most traders. Mr. Thornton deciphered the codes from his grandfather’s notes – who attended Gann’s live courses and made many millions of dollars during the Great Depression. M-Squares™ incorporates Gann’s infamous Law of Vibration based on the time factors he formulated in his influential works. Using machine learning, the M-Squares™ system automatically decodes the unique time factors and vibration (frequency) on any financial instrument. This integration of each instrument’s “DNA” enhances the system’s precision and effectiveness.

— Simplified Operation: Despite its underlying complexity, The M-Squares Trading System™ has been designed to be user-friendly. Traders will find the system easy to navigate and utilize effectively, especially with live daily support.

Take advantage of the Million Dollar Square Trading System™ today and experience its exceptional power and accuracy in your trading endeavors.