Archimedes Algorithm™

The Archimedes Algorithm™ is a defined set of custom computer instructions based on a series of mathematical models designed by A.F. Thornton and based on his 36 years of trading the financial markets. The computer program monitors the applicable index, sector, or stock price and generates decision support signals weighing a critical and proprietary set of variables. Built-in intelligence prioritizes variables ranging from mean reversion to trading range fractals and three-dimensional market geometry. The system is constantly monitoring the financial instrument’s unique DNA signature to determine ideal entry and exit points.

Additionally, the algorithms generate a system dashboard, giving the trader an instant readout of any index or financial instrument’s pulse. The algorithms work on any financial instrument in any time frame. 

Archimedes Navigator™

The Archimedes Navigator™ is the logical companion to the Archimedes Algorithm™. Many investors and traders fail because they lack a specific trading plan and system. Unfortunately, the market randomly rewards both excellent and harmful trading practices, yet the harmful practices can eventually become your undoing in financial markets. Over time, loss trauma establishes brain neuropathways that can be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome.

The Navigator Navigator™ is a comprehensive trading system that virtually any committed and previously failing trader can learn and successfully apply. It includes precise rules for entry, exit, position size, and risk management, supported by the algorithms and dashboard. Moreover, the system is flexible enough to be adapted to the individual trader’s personality. Any devoted trader will improve with the “edge” supplied by the Archimedes systems.

Archimedes Navigator™ Trading System

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