Step Into the Winner's Circle

Welcome to the Major Leagues

Archimedes Methodologies, Ltd. (formerly BluPrint Quantitative Strategies) is the esteemed Thornton and VanRiette Family Offices investment arm in Jackson, Wyoming. Guided by the wisdom against taking investment advice from those less successful than we were, we have crafted a powerhouse investment strategy originally designed for our family funds.

We meticulously develop every facet of your experience to empower rising swing and day trading stars. Our focus is providing mentoring, decision support, and essential resources to motivate a new generation of traders who prioritize faith, family, and freedom. With an unwavering commitment to surpassing past market wizards, we ensure our services stand unrivaled, propelling our purposely small, exclusive, and close-knit trading community to maintain its competitive edge.

Our Values

At Archimedes Methodologies, we embody integrity. We deliver on our promises precisely when we say we will.

Our Founders

A.F. Thornton and Michael VanRiette co-founded Archimedes Methodologies. They are visionary experts who aim to share select aspects of their advanced quantitative-based, algorithmic trading systems, strategies, and techniques with our exclusive community.

A.F. Thornton

With 36 years of experience, A.F. Thornton is an expert in mathematics, geometry, astrometry, physics, logic, risk/reward quantification, market fractals, pattern recognition, and asset class behavioral analysis. His expertise has yielded remarkable success on Wall Street, generating millions of dollars over the years from his trading systems. Currently preferring anonymity to maintain our community’s trading edge, Mr. Thornton avoids the financial media unlike his younger days when he made regular appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNN, and more.

Michael VanRiette

Michael VanRiette specializes in virtual systems logic, inventory management control, and quantitative inventory modeling and forecasting. Among several successful ventures, Mr. VanRiette is the mastermind behind IVV Streamline, a cutting-edge digital automobile inventory management platform revolutionizing wholesale car marketing. IVV Streamline is driving innovation in consumer e-commerce platforms like CarMax, Carvana, and Vroom by supporting lending institutions, car dealers, and auto auctions.

Together, we are Archimedes Methodologies, shaping the future of trading and investment strategies