"The unreasonable efficiency of mathematics in science is a gift we neither understand nor deserve." Eugene Wigner, Nobel Laureate.


Archimedes Methodologies, Ltd. introduces the Archimedes Algorithm™, a proprietary financial instrument algorithm applying the magic of machine learning reinforced with quantum (multi-dimensional) math, sacred geometry, natural market rhythms, and astrometry (kinematics). A.F. Thornton decoded the master trading and forecasting techniques from ancient texts and gematrias, including notes from his great grandfather's private correspondence with (and seminar materials from) the market masters of his generation, including W.D. Gann, L.J. Jensen, George Bayer, H.M. Gartley, and more. Sought by W.D. Gann enthusiasts worldwide, the private notes and letters have never been revealed to the public. The trading algorithm is exclusive, dynamic, predictive, and accurate. It successfully decodes the next move in any financial market in any time frame. The exclusive codes assembled in the algorithm (many derived from Archimedes and Pythagoras' ancient theorums) have served four generations of the Thornton families.

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